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Well this was an interesting episode though wish it hadn't taken so long to get to see it. Really this just puts Araragi in a very difficult place. He's tried hard to save anyone he could and now his own actions have created this situation. It was pretty obvious that Hanekawa's feelings toward Araragi were the key to this. Knowing the guy she liked wasn't available anymore and yet she was still close in part because he needed her help on occasion. It's a tough spot since the easy solution of Shinobu isn't around. Though it's almost a positive since it forces Araragi to look at this situation. I can't see him not staying with Hitagi and yet it is still important for showing how his actions can have consequences.

Wonder about Shinobu. I don't think Araragi not figuring everything out means he's that dense. Maybe she thinks if she isn't around it will mean Araragi will stay away from the oddities. True that if she is gone he'll be normal and if he's normal he can stick with Hitagi and leave that world behind. But this also shows how serious he is. The fact he would go so far if anything did happen to Shinobu.

Liked that call with Hitagi. She calmly realizes that everyone must do what they need to do. Everyone has responsibilities and just have to follow through. Still gotta love the whole "tsundere service" part .

Anyways they left it off at a pretty key moment. Will have to settle things somehow. Just hope the time between this episode and the next isn't as long.
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