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Wonder about Shinobu. I don't think Araragi not figuring everything out means he's that dense. Maybe she thinks if she isn't around it will mean Araragi will stay away from the oddities. True that if she is gone he'll be normal and if he's normal he can stick with Hitagi and leave that world behind. But this also shows how serious he is. The fact he would go so far if anything did happen to Shinobu.
I think that "dense" (鈍感) fits, at least in the context of personal/romantic relationships. It's not that he didn't figure out anything (though personally, I would say that THAT makes him incredibly dense...), it's that he didn't figure out that Hanekawa liked him. In contrast, Hitagi, Oshino and perhaps even Shinobu noticed. Of course, the fact that he has "surprisingly few friends" would have contributed to his deficiency in this department.

Your theory about Shinobu's thinking is quite different to what Black Hanekawa postulates about her disappearance, though that's because the cat is looking at the situation from the point of view of her master's problem. However, given how Nadeko felt when they all stayed over at the cram school after her exorcism (i.e. that Shinobu was glaring at her, or something to that effect), I'd be willing to bet on the cat being right, at least to a certain extent.

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