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I finally got to watch the remaster.. As expected I didn't see anything new at all. They are just going to sell he same Seed dvd's is a new case. Classless act by Bandai. And the sad part is that it will probably outsell AGE.

It's obvious that Fukuda is working with a small budjet and to be honest it kind of pisses me off.. One of the things that Fukuda did really well is make tons of money for Bandai, give his a little more to work with you cheap bastards.

Anyway, it'm glad I watched it. Actually I almost forgot how good SEED is. This is a great first episode! It dose almost everything right, good introduction to the setting, the characters and most importantly a great introduction to the Gundam!

The last 5 minutes of this episode is incredibly well done.
A giant machine ominously coming to life, slowly standing up, surrounded by fire and explosions. Accurately captured in close/medium shots, well composed and seamlessly edited. All of this is supported by great mechanical sound fx and and all sorts of ambient noises while a perfectly timed piano/violin slowly builds up in the background... Textbook!! Future Gundam directers should take note here. This is how you introduce a fuc*ing Gundam!
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