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Originally Posted by FredFriendly View Post
Huh? Utter hogwash! I never accused you of being a sexist. Even the moderator agreed that you used an excessive amount of swearing in your post.
May I remind you that you're the only person that made a fuss about it, whilst no one else brought it up, which you constantly nailed on for 2 weeks. And stop with the hypocrisy. You've been constantly wailing on the point that Oreki is Mr. Grumpy yet you get offended when someone calls the music teacher an asshole because you hate swearing . Yet I've heard you use the word bitch on multiple occasions . Not to mention that accusation of me being called sexist was deleted so nice attempt at denying...

Finally, another voice of reason! And welcome to animesuki forums. As long as you don't express your complete disgust with other member's favorite characters or animes (like I have a habit of doing), you probably won't get flamed.
You can hate/praise a character or series all you like. Everyone has their opinions and that's that. You hate Oreki, cool. You like Chitanda, I don't as of late (used to initially) but whatever, that's cool. I do my fair share of hyperbole praising and criticizing too. What I don't like is the way you try to police people bringing in "morality" and then cleverly shifting the blame pretending to be the good guy. You're also flamebaiting obvious audience reactions with posts like this:

The only thing about Chitanda that Mr Grumpy likes is her boobs. He doesn't like her. He's not nice to her. He treats her like a dog. He's just like any other perverted harem MC, only seeing women as sex objects.
... I personally don't mind it too much since I'm guilty of it sometimes myself though not to your degree...

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