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Fun episode. Kirito's pretty bored and would like to advance; his armor and resists are superb and nothing can really threaten him. However, his dps is still kinda lacking and the last boss dropped a pair of worthless blues that wouldn't befit a level 10. He goes to try and find a blacksmith. Sadly, all she has are nub weapons and thus they go hunting to grind materials. If I were in this world, and realized I had to grind things, I probably would have wished I was dead now and find a way to complain on the internet about how badly designed the game is.

Of course, an elite monster comes out but they survive. Liz crafts a decent weapon that will probably last a few levels til Kirito feels like he needs to find a better one and sell it again.

Good episode overall, but that random love thing was lolwut. Get to the main plot already!
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