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Overall pretty solid episode. As always love how Kirito only dodges when he actually needs to. Just slashing at the breath attack without being phased at all by it. Plus just get to see his slow progression and how events of the past have their effect. Watching Sachi die like that made him all the more cautious (with the precautions he took with Silica and Liz here) and on top of that he'd rather die with someone than survive but watch them die. At least this episode seems to have helped his mindset a bit that it's all the better to survive together.

Liz definitely had some serious progression from start to finish. Searching for something real that she could hold onto while surviving in this world and then stepping aside when it came to Kirito. Was well into that confession when Asuna showed up. But I suppose continuing to go after a guy her friend clearly likes and doing it right after she shows up all worried was too much for her.

Did like Kirito's reaction part way through that confession though. Could see the gears starting to move in that head of his .
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