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Originally Posted by Trajan View Post
I also don't think Flit's attempt to target Zeheart really moves Flit's "genocidal needle" one way or another
I'm not really concerned with Flit's "genocidal needle." I was just pointing out that Flit would have made the wrong move if he had taken that shot regardless of the condition of Zeheart's mobile suit.
Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
More like they cheat their way ( they didn't mention him > hope no one notice).
And he can when his enemy = general.
Not when it restarts a battle that has already been won.
Do you know how many soldiers and civilians will die because Kio stop him?
I don't, but neither does anyone else. I do know that more would have been killed that day if Flit had restarted the battle by firing at Zeheart.
It's just like Blue cosmos leader >>> he run away >>> than he use requiem on Planet.
If Lunamaria manage to killed him while before he run away (aiming at his back like Flit aim at Zeheart back) than 200+ civilians will not die
Except the objective for that battle was to get Djibril, while the objective of the battle in AGE was to recapture the base. The priorities are different.
and yeah it's coward act to fire at running away enemy but it's war you know...
I don't even care about whether or not it's cowardice.
you don't let general rank to run to killed you another day... nah that solider >>general orders kill many people not just you .
For what purpose? Is it to restart a battle that has already been won and sacrifice more lives, only to have someone else replace Zeheart?
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