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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Perhaps I missed it and if I did perhaps someone could correct me but even though the EF traitor gave command to that Vagan guy the terms of the ceasefire should've gone through Zeheart to begin with.

The fact that it took his subordinate on the field to relay that message was pretty silly since it should've gone to him first.
There's also the fact that the Federation was only told on screen to have a cease fire and to let the Vagans go. Nothing was mentioned about taking the officers as prisoners.

But regardless, bad writing or not, Zeheart's capture was not a priority at the time.
Originally Posted by Gundamx View Post
Let me make myself clear since you end up ignoring my main point:
You let your enemy commander flee >>> And not just you but your whole nation end up in big shit.

Simple right?
Nope, because there is nothing preventing another Vagan officer to take Zeheart's place.

-Kill Zeheart their best commander and they will end up with useless commander like Zanald who only know how to smash to control their whole fleet > easy pray> war will end up faster.
-You let him live and he will come back with more destruction power which will cause a lot more death and agony...
You're talking from the point of view of an audience. To many Federation characters in the show, Zeheart probably doesn't exist. They just know there's a Vagan commander, but there are more than one of those.

And you're still ignoring the fact that firing at Zeheart could've restarted the battle. It's an unnecessary sacrifice when the Federation has already achieved its objective.
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