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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Chisato needs to get over herself.
I agree with this one.

Anyway... I understand you're all annoyed of Chisato getting possessive of Yuki, oftentimes discussing with him about being close to Satsuki and Isara.

Let's put it this way...

Why is she being possessive of Yuki?

He's her childhood friend and love interest. Simply rejecting her and saying "I will stay by your side" afterwards is still confusing for a maiden's complicated heart.

Why should he stay away from Satsuki?

Yeah, its jealously but it since they're political rivals as well, it should be avoid even temporarily for the good of them.(Yuki and Satsuki)

Why should he stay away from Isara?

Same reason, since Isara is connected to the Finance and many are angry with them... it will affect his popularity.. Chisato told him to help Isara afterwards.

Chisato's jealousy is too much, yes.. but the reasons she uses are true as well.

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