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At this stage, I still have fears for Elections ability to cram the remaining plot in three, or four episodes at most. We've taken NINE episodes to reach the main elections, and the direction of romance is still quite considerably up in the air. Now, can Chisato snatch victory from this? Maybe, but at this rate, it seems like a victory of pity, if nothing else.

Chocolate is coming into play rather nicely here at several angles, including the possibility that in many ways, Oojima is seen as a substitute brother in Chisato's eyes, and something more at the same time. Ultimately, I think at this stage, it's very difficult for this to end in a Chisato victory. Still, if this anime is going down the Satsuki route, it's handling the feelings of the First Girl at quite a surprisingly good pace.

However, it's because of this difficulty, in the light of the very limited time left that leaves me most concerned about the "Love" department. At this stage, it seems that it's going to be very difficult to juggle Elections and Love simultaneously. I really think we might indeed end up with a no Romantic Conclusion ending, but one leaning strongly towards Satsuki. Indeed, if what we've seen of the Public Security Commission is any indication, I'd imagine that winning the Elections is just the beginning. He'll need the support of at least one of the Commissions to get things done, and odds are, should Oojima win, and if there is no Romantic Conclusion, and if we get enough Satsuki screen-time, I suggest we might end up with an ambigious romantic outcome situation that leans strongly towards Satsuki.

Truth is, he'll need her after the elections. And the Food Club might no longer be a place of dwelling, but a temporary indulgence in a refuge. Save the club, get exiled from the club. The Post Election Now What clouds are gathering strongly in this episode.

By the way, has there been any Harem plot where the Harem lead is the Student Council President?
Spoiler for Examples that don't count:
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