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To be honest, I didn't necessarily care for Chisato, but this episode made me NOT like her at all, for a few reasons that I'll get into.

The first has been pretty much covered and I agree with Reckoner completely. Chisato needs to get over herself, cause she's looking pathetic at this point. Yuuki is a better man than me, cause I would have put her in her place a LONG time ago acting like this. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she goes the yandere route. The guy can't even talk to a woman casually without her getting butthurt and getting a pissy attitude. I would have told her to kick rocks, cause I have a VERY low tolerance level to stuff like that.

I can understand her reasoning about Yuuki not including the financial aid students because of how it can ruin the campaign, but her true intentions were wrong. She didn't give a crap of the actual difficulties those students face, she was only worried about it cause of her jealously.

The final reason seems to be implied, but I get the overall impression that Yuuki is currently some kind of "replacement". Now I don't know if thats true, but thats the vibe I'm getting and I honestly don't like it. If we do indeed find out Yuuki is indirectly a replacement to Chisato for this Daiki fellow, I will not want her to win at all. Its shallow imo and not worthy of a relationship with Yuuki.

I'm dead serious when I say that Hazuki or Satsuki are the best girls in this show for me, and this episode proved it to a tee.
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