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Pretty much echo the feelings on Chisato. Somebody warm up the nice boat.

This was an excellent ep otherwise, though - the first time I felt like all three titular threads were not just present, but starting to collide. Some intriguing elements with the introduction of Oosawa (KugiRie playing against type) and the internal politics of the PSC. With Mouri saying that they have a mole in the Oojima campaign and the surprising intervention of his aides on Isara's behalf, I wonder if it's her. And who's the "influential ally" working on behalf of the GAC and Moheji?

As for the ending, I can only call it a "Deux ex harmonica" until proved otherwise. A very well-executed troll, playing on the idea that it was a classic indirect kiss gag and the usual early introduction of the ED theme. But why was Michiru trying to play a harmonica in the first place? And just why the heck is she in the story, apart from the moe factor? Many questions still to be answered...
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