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i think i read somewhere Alice made Asuna more nervous then all the other girls.
Well, from the various spoilers that have been posted, the vibe I get is that Alice's interest in Kirito is undeterred by the fact that Kirito's already taken by Asuna. If that's true, it'd make her basically the only girl that continues to try to win Kirito for herself. Which certainly would explain her making Asuna nervous; Asuna would actually have to worry about Alice making attempts to steal Kirito.

in Batman's case, the justice system. Which is a joke because of how little time these guys serve.
To be fair, it's usually not so much a lack of time served, as it is that when they do get caught, they get judged insane, and tossed in the asylum, which apparently has insufficient security.

Which is similar to what happens with the Laughing Coffin survivors. Legal responsibility for all the deaths falls on Kayaba, and with the authorities preferring to keep it that way, LC and other killers get relegated to mental counseling instead of prosecuted for murder.
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