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Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
See what I mean ?

Here's a hint, why all the hatred for Bayonetta when both critics and sales figure agree that, for a a IP, it's a major success.

And try not to resort to the "game-is-a-rip-off-of-DMC" or "protagonist-is-too-slutty-for-my-liking" argument for once and find some valid point from a mechanic and technical aspect.
because I can hate a damn game if i chose too regardless what other people and critics say about it. People all praise the game for having a superior combat system or gameplay when its the same crap that DMC4 has. I played the entire game and it felt like i was just playin DMC4 with 100% more Fanservice. Oooo it had Mini-games in it. so what, those were boring and easy as hell too. specialy the motorcycle parts. the bosses weaknesses are right infront of your face from start of the fight and you're always in devil trigger.. er i mean "witch time" im boss fights. atleast DMC had some unique weapons succh as Pandora's box and Lucifer.

but not all of bayonetta was bad, the angels were pretty unique. I also like the practice loading screen and equip system except for the guns on her shoes. I stillhavent fingured out how she shoots them, in the cut scene they just attach to her feet, so is there a Trigger on her shoe somewhere?

Critics normaly suck, and if the game has as much fanservice as bayonneta has then Sale figures suck too.

I knew Critics would give God of war 3 10 or atleast a 9.

Anyways, that DLC armor commercial made me lol. I can't wait to get my hands on this game >< with my luck my PS3 will get fried at some point in the middle like it did for way of the samurai 3. but i got the new one so i can get a replacement quicker and cheaper than sending the damn thing in for 200 bucks to get repaired.

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