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because I can hate a damn game if i chose too regardless what other people and critics say about it. People all praise the game for having a superior combat system or gameplay when its the same crap that DMC4 has. I played the entire game and it felt like i was just playin DMC4 with 100% more Fanservice. Oooo it had Mini-games in it. so what, those were boring and easy as hell too. specialy the motorcycle parts. the bosses weaknesses are right infront of your face from start of the fight and you're always in devil trigger.. er i mean "witch time" im boss fights. atleast DMC had some unique weapons succh as Pandora's box and Lucifer.
Then you are obviously blind and close-minded as I've said and no amount of argument will change your testosterone charged male chauvinistic views.

But atl least one major review site rate GoW3 below Bayonetta. Granted it's not much a a difference.
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