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And well, I guess I could say not all of the animation was superawesome or what, especially the bits with glowing guys rising up (was a bit tacky), but like MrProphet said it's encouraging to know that they can do it this well.
At least this definitely feels like it can go much further than Ayakashi Ayashi (which I think must have been the definition of 地味 itself - not that that's necessarily a bad thing though).

There's also what I said about Yutaka Nakamura, I guess... I have a feeling this really would outshadow Skullman because I think it's got a director who's more likely to attract the better animators, should they have a choice between the two.

I suppose this is running for 26 episodes? Or 13? I can't remember what those rumours/spoilers/whatever for Geass said about its 2-season structure; whether there was a gap of one or two seasons in between the first and second part.
Well, Bones CGI has always been quite subpar and really, really out-of-place, but some of the static scenes composition were really overshadowed by the movement, probably by the fact that animation misleads when it comes to character consistency. Still a head above most things you usually see in anime and probably only Dennou Coil, Gurren Lagann and Seirei no Moribito will keep the technical-artistic qualities in a higher level.

My guess would be 13, everything points to Geass' structure being "two tiers", or 25 episodes, of show followed by "two tiers" of another series airing and ending it with the following "second season".
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