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I'm also really looking forwards to this. The sweet intriguing trailers and naturally the new revelations about the staff working on it have only made me even more interested. This one's right up there with Seirei no Moribito and Claymore for my most anticipated series.

IMO, perhaps since I'm looking forwards to it so much and almost always consider 12/13 episodes too short I suspect it will be around 26. It being more clearly now (with the suddenly continuous new trailers and new magazine spreads and strategic staff announcements) a highly advertised Spring series also strengthens my expectation of this.

As it as an all-original production with quite an impressive staff list I don't believe that they've gathered this much animation talent and re-united with the mad-popular Kanno (for the first time in years) for something short. I think judging from the limited information and the trailers this has all the "window-dressing" of a full season (26 episode) show, also taking into account that this appears to be a pet project of Bones'. But that's just my opinion

I really hope it does, because I would love for this project to get the depth of a 26 episode run and Studio Bones' signature first-class skill at producing original material.

It also seems to be broadcasting on quite a number of channels according to ANN's broadcaster list (if those are all separate stations?) so it seems to have quite the backing.

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Darker than BLACK will be 24-26 episodes. Skull Man is 13 episodes.
Has this been reported somewhere already? Because I'm thinking along the same lines, though a tokusatsu-type show only being 13 could be tough

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