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But we have very different attitudes toward voices, clearly. Tomatsu's timbre was "all over the place" because she was doing different bits of comedy schtick. In any case, I think many people take too limited and technical a view of voice acting, and judge seiyuu as if they were announcers rather than comic or dramatic actors.

Hirano is nowhere near as "professional" as many seiyuu, but she is far more interesting in her varied approaches, and more effective at communicating real emotion in the roles where that is called for. The way I think of it is that many seiyuu can simulate emotion, but Hirano can make me think she feels it.
I'm not referring to different bits of comedy Tomatsu's trying to perform, rather the daily-talk-routine (for lack of a better description); dialogue which should sound the same. Don't get me wrong...she does a relatively good job of conveying emotion. It just feels like, and maybe this is due to inexperience on her part compared to someone like Sawashiro, it still takes a while for her to stabilize for a particular role.

I suppose each to their own. I think Hirano does an extremely poor job of conveying any emotion at all, especially for someone who's supposedly a "good" VA. Add to that, she's only capable, from what I've heard, only one voice with VERY little variation. Konata, Haruhi, Polka, the sister in Tora Dora, all the same and only a step or 2 above dictating...The only thing she has going for herself is that she's mildly attractive (which isn't exactly the most useful skill for a VA); nothing more. Her popularity stems from being cast for the right role at the right time, not from her talent (or lack thereof). Replace Hirano with Akiyama Nana during the same point in time, and her popularity would be at a similar level as Hirano's right now.

Sawashiro has a similar problem, partially due to both of them having a very unique voice, but she's capable of changing her voice significantly (most recent example would be her side role as Maaya in World Destruction). Her voice acting in Kannagi is, imho, average for her. Not the best, but by no means the worst either.
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