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Originally Posted by Yamano667
If you liked CCS can like this anime
I OBJECT! Nanoha doesn't even begin to compare with CardCaptor Sakura. Nanoha's like a ripoff of most of CCS's ideas, except CCS doesn't have a stupid engrish speaking staff and Sakura's star key is infinitely better than that dumb jewel seed. Kero-chan will own that ferret anyday. Besides, the monsters in Nanoha will never be as cute as Sakura's Sakura Cards.

Originally Posted by mememe
Why the hell do they think I want to see a nine-year-old naked?
Why the hell did you watch the show then? I'd say it's more of your own fault than theirs. If you don't want to see it, turn it off.

Originally Posted by mememe
What is the time slot its airing in in Japan?
It airs between the 24:00 and 27:00 slots, so it's doubtful little girls would be tuning in.
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