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I too say reserve judgement. So far in eps 2 and 3, Nanoha shows more competence and creativity than any other magical girl I've seen in ages. She can multi-task, invent new attacks on the fly, and doesn't need anyone to instruct her to do so either. And I'm really curious about the nature of this techno-magic's origins in Yuno's world.

Sakura took forever to learn how to use her own original techniques, had to be led by the hand by Kero-chan, and once she got really adept, she never really did anything with her powers that was interesting, it was always about catching stray cards or passing Eriol's arbitrary challenges. It would have been nice to see what Sakura could have done with her abilities after she mastered them all, but CLAMP flaked out and cut it short just when things seemed like they could actually go somewhere... It's not like we really see Sakura take on many real adversaries or such.

I'm not saying Sakura didn't kick ass. I love CCS and it's one of my favorite shows in the genre. I'm just saying that in 3 episodes, Nanoha is already breaking some new ground and the series seems to have lots of potential. It's just a damn shame it's only 13 episodes planned. I can't wait to see the rival magical girl to be introduced in episode 4...

And yes, it's a spinoff of the non-H Triangle Hearts OVA (not the H series, which was a different story) which even so in turn evolved from some earlier H games, so I guess some fanservice was inevitably inserted for the loli crowd. But henshin animation sequences did evolve from the 1970's Nagai Go shounen anime Cutey Honey, which was a big influence on the creators of Sailor Moon (especially character designer Tadano Kazuko), and parodied by Pretty Sammy and so on, so the theme of stylized nudity (without surface details though, which would make it, well, truly pornographic) is well entrenched as part of the heritage of symbology in the heroic mahou shoujo genre. I agree they went overboard showing the undergarments, though... @_@; So much for my attempt at defense, lol.
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