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Never Called Sena meat but I never thought of that nickname as an insult. I keep hearing a lot of people calling her that but I highly doubt they meant it in a wrong or disrespectful way.

They could be Sadists or see Sena in Yozora's point of view. To me, them saying "Meat" was like them saying "Omg so Mthrfkn Sexy I just want to eat that peace of-"

I know Sena has more traits than her sexy figure but "Meat" is probably more of a complement to her beauty from fans. I'm pretty sure fans know she's also smart, very focused and a hard worker. It gives out that sense of surprise package to people when they just heard about a character because of one trait that everyone talks about. Of course if they are interested enough to actually check her out, there's actually more to this person that they expected.

Besides Sena was happy she had a nickname.
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