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Originally Posted by Night_Music View Post
At first I was expecting it to be more music-oriented, showcasing how a band practices together, how they pull off breath-taking performance (and probably how the band breaks up and the members go on separate ways). Though that wasn't exactly the case, I learned to appreciate what the creators want to portray to the fans (or so I've thought at least). I don't mind the lack of screen time on their practices (a 30-min show of them practicing and hitting wrong notes, considering Yui's "skill", is kinda boring). Though the few snippets of their live performances was a bit of a let-down (I wanted more of it). Still, I found the series to be very enjoyable.

On another note, there are moments that really made me laugh. S1EP10 for instance, I bust into laughter because of Mio's epic scream. Yeah, simple, well-timed shenanigans can give anyone a smile (I'm a fan of slapstick comedy, if you're ever wondering)
Someone defined this sort of story as a "story of the in-betweens" - all that stuff that happens in between the milestones. The first six pack of episodes had me getting pretty irritated because really -- they had portrayed this in the teaser material as a music oriented series. The OP and the ED screamed "Hard Days Night" style comedy/music/hijinks.

But .. at the end of it all, I got a LOT of music out of the series, a lot of comedy and bonding happy stuff, so not too much too complain about.
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