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About espers outside AC. Wasn't AC founded about 50 years ago? Yeah we can cut off some of it when it was still under construction, but still there should be about 30 years left. And do not forget that AC is extremly ahead when it comes down to technology - and that technology was based and derived from esper powers (its the same with real scientists, that base their develompment on real animals and creatures from earth, to learn how they was able to adapt to a certain enviroment), meaning the espers must have been around for some time. If we start esper develompemnt at primary school (age 7) and end it in university (age 23) then we can asume a typical esper spends about 16 years in AC, but then what? We know teachers aren't espers, the same with other personnel or scientists. 50 - 16 is 34 years, even if we count only 30 - 16 = 14 years, where all this esper for past 14 years go? Did they just wanished or what? No one of them was even able reach lv 5? Did Aleister melted them and took their soul (or something about those lines) and builded with them his artificial heaven?

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