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...Hey, if only people with multiple Devices or Cartridge-igniting Devices can defeat UD...

Why do Vivio and Thoma fight her, supermodes or otherwise?

Why do the Gears, Einhart, Shamal and Zafira fight her, since they don't even have supermodes? Zafira doesn't have even ONE Device.

In the end, the only characters I see NOT fighting UD are Yuuno and Arf. Which seems pretty damn conspicuous if even Shamala and Zafira are getting in on the action.

(Stern and Levi are participating through Dearche, and both got their shot BEFORE that fight, too, which is why they end up Unisoning with Dearche in the first place.)

And, in fact, does Yuuno show up at ALL after the plot actually gets moving?

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