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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Okay, recently I bought a GTX560 Twin Frozr and rigged it onto my girl. She ran beautifully, but somehow she developed a tempermant not to run the following games :

1. VNs
2. L4D2
3. Splinter Cell Conviction

I called up a few people with knowledge on this issue, and here is the compiled advice I am going to share :

1. Download the most stable driver, not the latest. Currently v285.26 runs nicely.
2. Get MSI Afterburner. Extract & install, then :

- Set clock speed to 822Mhz
- Check the "Apply overclocking at system startup" box

3. Restart your computer.

Afterwards, your CPU might not read all cores, so you have to shut down your computer, remove all but one of your RAM, then boot up. All your available cores should register, after which, you can power down your computer, put the RAM back in one by one as you boot it up, until all the RAM you have are back in their slots.

Hope NVIDIA comes up with a stable driver or hotfix soon. I suspect that it might be the new Fermi architecture that is causing all of these.
Nvidia seems to have these "moments" in driver release once a year or so.... I tend to keep the last 3 or 4 driver revisions (stable and beta) around just in case.
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