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Originally Posted by wao
The ending animation felt more like tons of smooth in-betweens with somewhat detailed movement, more than motiontracing (rotoscoping?). They did a good job making sure the face moves slowly while the character does a motion so that it looks more eye-catching. But rotoscoped things have a bit more movement, than that, I think (you'd see the hair and stuff move a bit more).
Actually rotoscoped animation in general tend to look unnatural, which is not the case here. The smoothest movements are just done with more keys and in-betweens and are exaggerated forms of natural movements, rather than direct traces of them. Unlike 3D and mocap, with 2D many are prepared to tar and feather anyone who even suggests of rotoscoping. (but that didn't stop even Disney from doing it).

Of course, I'd need a bigger view of the dance sequence to tell for certainty...but I also think they might have purposefully shrunk the dance sequence because they couldn't feasibly draw as much detail and still make the motion seem realistic.

Originally Posted by Vexx
boy that brought back memories of my high school German language class movie project ... we did a parody (3 stooges style) of the Third Reich giving a "everything is a-ok" news conference as Allied tanks were roaring by in the background and bombs dropped on us.
Yeah it reminded me too of my group german film project. We did Godzilla, complete with legos and puppets.
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