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Originally Posted by vandakiara View Post
I didn't say you were sure either, reread

I actually think she doesn't like anyone romantically speaking... although I think Kurumu will fall for Gin eventually *and hopefully Gin for Kurumu as well*
When Gin doesn't act like a perv towards Kurumu that's when I start believing in that route. As its a pretty big difference as to how he treats the person he likes. He tries to act cool around Sun and treats her preciously. While with every other girl he tries to grab.

This is the reason why I don't like the idea of shoving her off to someone so soon.

Spoiler for space:

As long as her feelings are this strong, I can't picture her with someone else so quickly. I like her character too much, I want to see her resolve herself and become independently strong first before finding someone else if that is the route the author intends to take at the end.

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