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So let's get the stats up here, from what we know so far:

Moka (and probably Inner to be specific): According to Karua, has potential to be the strongest of all the Starbuck Sisters

Mizore: I believe it was mentioned that she's the greatest of those in her village (and who knows if there are actually any other villages?)

Sun: She's the strongest of her kind as well, according to this chapter

Yukari: Um... well, not all that strong yet, but she is technically a genius

Ruby is simply a masochist, and Kurumu... well, nothing about "being the strongest" when it comes to her has been mentioned yet. And Tsukune, of course, seems to be shaping up to become the best of both worlds *shudders as I unconsciously remember Hannah Montana*...

Dammit Tsukune, your harem isn't allowed to rival Tenchi's!!! Seriously, three of the girls who are the strongest of their kind, and you turning into a badass hybrid... i guess that's what makes this such a great series though (even if Sun is Gin's and not Tsukune's... you get the point)
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