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That's kind of the beauty of 5 Centimeters--the ending leaves you content in that every thing is resolved and Takaki has finally moved on, but at the same time you can't help but feel a little sadness that he didn't get his love and it leaves you wanting more--to see that future where he IS in love and happy. It's essentially the exact same thing Takaki is feeling with a completely different cause.

It's ending perfectly reflects your emotions with the protagonists and I can't really come up with many works in any field that have left me that way.
That is really true. Its a solid story. I'm still bummed that it took the guy SO LONG to get over it. Especially since he had at least two other greats girls near him, but I can understand how a beautiful girl will leave a strong impression on your when you're 13 and all.

Another gauge of the greatness here is how you really went through all of your emotions as you watched it. You really felt for the characters and their circumstances.
Spoiler for Episode 3:
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