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Bai has transmutation powers. She has the power over energy, particles, etc. Like the Silver Surfer or something.

According to the sub, I watched... she was able to change Hei's body in the same way her body was and give him a copy of her powers. At least, allow him to tap into her power source.

His powers are "artificial."

My guess... this could be the "premise" of a third season. People trying to recreate what Bai did and take powers from a contractor and give them to someone else.

Nick seemed to have the same powers Bai did. Why? or were they just similar?

Hei powers are very complex and the easiest way to manifest them is to just manipulate electrons.

Hei is a faux contractor, real human. Hei has never thought as a contractor. Hei has always sacrificed his own self interest for the sake of others. He gave up his chance at a regular life to protect his cold, distant, contractor sister. He killed tons of people he didn't want to kill as a super assassin for the sake of his sister. He's always been an extremely emotional, irrational, guilt-ridden love fool that has put on a face of a hardcase. He's the surly troubled loner. He's a common hero/antihero type. He wears black, looks sad, talks the game of being some hardass emotionless killer(which is totally BS), and has every chick he ever meets wanting to have his children when he takes a bullet for any young couple, orphan, cripple, puppy, kitten, or hamster that he sees in danger.

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