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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
Yeah, Ishida was really useless without his powers, making him a walking stick to be pushed aside.
Ishida is useless even WITH his powers...
Giving his powers back has so far been nothing more than a way to waste time since he hasn't actually contributed anything... atleast not anything that he could not have easily been substituted for someone else...

Originally Posted by Ishe View Post
Maybe the Hogyoku allowed them to gain powers from the reatsu that Ichigo was leaking all over the place.
Nope, the who leaking Reatsu thing was retconed out in favor of the MacGuffin

Originally Posted by secretzfan View Post
The hoguoku had nothing to with that, but tit was found out that the hogyoku might have created the event in which Orhime, and Chad gained power
Aizen said that the magical macguffin has the power to make the hearts true desires real and that it awakened Chad and Orihime's powers out of their feelings of weakness and desire for strength... Why the powers took on the nature that they did(chad related to a hollow and Orihime the rejection of god) is something that kubo just handwave... frankly i might ask why Karin did not get any powers since she was even more spiritually aware than Chad, and was also put in desperate situations
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