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An outline of the next hundred chapters or so:

1. Ichigo unleashes FGT, WTFpwns Aizen.
2. Ichigo goes emo again in the aftermath as he realizes that he's now powerless, and never got to really reconcile with Hichigo, only to be interrupted by a half-dead Aizen starting to regenerate ("Just as planned...", etc, etc.).
3. Just as Aizen is about to kill Ichigo, everybody shows back up in a Big Damn Heroes moment and Aizen is Killed Off For Real, probably by somebody releasing a bankai we haven't yet seen. It's made abundantly clear that "we couldn't have done it without Ichigo blah blah".
4. Plot coupons from this arc are cashed in, no shinigami or vaizards died, the good/neutral Espada lived and come to an agreement with SS (all hail Queen Nel of HM and her good knight Sir Stark). Gin disappears with Matsumoto. Rukia escorts the humans (and quincy) back to K-Town, since there's NO WAY to bring back his powers. DEFINITELY NO WAY.
5. Ichigo emos some more about being "normal", so Rukia mercifully ends our his suffering by wiping his memories of being a shinigami.
6. Back at school we see that the shinigami have been busy wiping memories, as no one remembers any of the weird stuff, although Ichigo, Orihime, and Chad all have the typical "almost remember moments" that always seem to happen with memory wipes.
7. Ishida of course remembers, and is playing along with Rukia, as a scene with them and Isshin at a deserted Urahara Shop establishes, before Rukia's tearful farewell (tearful for her, at least, as Ishida is as cold as ever).
8. Time passes (insert boring but short "Slice of Life" arc). *cough*time skip*cough*
9. Ichigo gets a visitor one night as an injured Mayuri shows up in his bedroom and lets him wake up just long enough to be freaked out by the bloody face-painted pervert before being knocked out again.
10. Ichigo wakes up out in the desert (actually in the training room under Urahara Shop) to find that he, Orihime, and Chad have all been kidnapped, with the latter two's memories recovered (except Orihime remembered all along--what a tweest!). A few other second-tier shinigami are there as well (including at least one current Lt. in captain's whites), all of whom are looking somewhat worse for wear.
11. SS needs Ichigo again but he has no idea who anyone other than Orhime and Chad are. So just as he's telling them all to kindly f**k off, he gets a jolt of recognition when Mayuri or someone else mentions Rukia offhand, and eventually decides to help them (he is a shounen hero, powered or not).
12. None of Mayuri's grotesque and humorous methods of recovering Ichigo's memory seem to work (including at least one involving Nemu degradation fanservice), so Orihime suggests using her power to bring back his memories. Mayuri just about soils himself at the opportunity to "study" her ability up close and readily agrees.
13. She does her thing, and as everyone and their grandmother sees coming a mile and a half off, not only does Ichigo get his memory back, but his mojo as well (yeah, baby...).
14. A still-somewhat-underpowered Ichigo reforms Tessaiga Zangetsu (2nd form) and asks what happened to everybody. Unsurprisingly, it is revealed that there is a problem in the King's Realm, as a dying Squad 0 member who escaped managed to tell them. Shortly after, the gate to King's Realm opened from the other side, and bad guys started pouring out. Hougyoku-enhanced bad guys.
15. Tite Kubo is assassinated. ...And there was much rejoicing...

Originally Posted by secretzfan View Post
How dare you say Uryuu Ishida is useless. It is true he doesn't have much power but he has contributed in Bleach esspecailly durring the Ulqurra arc by deafeating Yammy a foe Ichigo didn't have time to beat

A bug spray what is that supposed to mean *Mad face*
LOLfangirling... Calm down, secretz, even you can't deny that Kubo's given Ishida literally nothing to do this arc that has anything intrinsic to do with his character. He's been straight man to Renji and (along with Renji) to Nel's fracciones, a generic not-as-badass-as-Ichigo ally (along with Chad and Renji), and helped out alongside everyone else against Yammy and the Exequias. The only thing setting him apart has been his quincy abilities, and even then, Kubo gave him a sword to blunt even that difference.

If you want to get mad, get mad at Kubo for nerfing the character, not us for pointing it out.
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