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Lol, Fukuda is not directing any more shows because of two primary reasons, neither of which had anything to do with how GSD sold.

First, Seiyuus hate his guts cause he mistreated some of them during the process of making GSD, most prominently Naomi Shindoh, the person who voiced Cagalli. If rumors are true, he lambasted Maaya Sakamoto too. (Lunamaria Hawke) So he'd pretty much have to voice his own characters if he ever decides to direct a new anime.

Second, his wife has freaking BRAIN CANCER. Infer on your own. For all I know, he could be a masochistic wife beater, but if he's a normal one, and his wife got brain cancer, he'd be taking care of her instead of going out there directing shows. The fact that his wife is always around helping him somehow also plays a role.

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