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Originally Posted by Paladinoras View Post
Nah, I think for once, that was more of Rie Tanaka being more of a free spirit while Lacus is way more grounded.
Which goes hand in hand with Rie Tanaka also saying that the 2nd Lacus (Iīm sorry I forgot her real name) being much more fun to voice than Lacus.

The words success and failure in themselves are too abstract. Itīs much more interesting to talk about specific goals. Do the ones calling Destiny a failure base that solely on their own opinion or do they factor in (pro) critics, money, hard core fans or perhaps the mainstream audience? If itīs only personal opinions itīs more right to say that Destiny failed to reach their expectations than calling it a failure.

By the way. Itīs a lie to say that Destiny failed completely but it certainly has a long way to go to reach the heights of itīs prequel.

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