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Originally Posted by Rawinder View Post
Tons of shit shows and shit characters top the charts in Japan. That's not helping your argument any.
That 'shit show' and its 'shit character(s)' top charts in Japan for a decade (and still topping several charts, including top Gundam pilots). I find it difficult to agree with you when their popularity persists until the present day.

Originally Posted by Rawinder View Post
aside from the years of mostly negative backlash to GSD, there's also the fact that most GSD Gunpla is still collecting dust on store shelves.
A fact, you say? Gee, I guess that is why HLJ always have to restock them.

The Freedom Gundam and its successor is one of the most popular Gunpla kits ever released to the public, with some variants that even I don't think should exist. Never mind it being one of the most manipulated kits by various Gunpla masters. So unless you have statistical data backing your claims, I am going to treat your statement with a grain of salt.

Originally Posted by Rawinder View Post
So for Gundam fans--the audience that actually matters (as the non-fans will just move from one show to the next no matter what)--GSD was not a success. And that's why Bandai/Sunrise, while not cancelling the SEED movie, are in no rush to release it either.
Gundam fans based on which demographic? It was a widely popular show in East Asia when it first came out, not only in Japan but many Chinese-language sites went nuts over it, always eager to discuss following episodes.

And even if it somehow failed with the Western demographic, so what? Its not a show made for Westerners anyway, Sunrise can't give less of a shit about them.

Originally Posted by Last_Hope View Post
The words success and failure in themselves are too abstract. Itīs much more interesting to talk about specific goals. Do the ones calling Destiny a failure base that solely on their own opinion or do they factor in (pro) critics, money, hard core fans or perhaps the mainstream audience? If itīs only personal opinions itīs more right to say that Destiny failed to reach their expectations than calling it a failure.
Thats a good point, really. When the first episode of GSD aired, I wasn't looking forward to the new protagonists at all, hell, even when the show was first announced, I was not remotely impressed with the new cast of characters. Deep down inside, I was hoping for Kira & Lacus to return. As it turned out, they returned, in a big way, and I was happy, therefore making GSD a success seeing how it met my goals as an audience.

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