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When it comes to reading Bleach and how little content there actually is in each chapter, I end up comparing it to Naruto since that is the only other manga I read on a weekly basis right now.

When I read Naruto I take my time. I sit back, read what each character has to say because it is almost always important to the plot, and study the art.

When I read Bleach I feel like I'm skimming. There is very little text on each page that would require me to spend more than 1.5 seconds reading it. The art is nice, but at this point it looks the same as everything else he's ever done so I don't feel the need to sit back and appreciate it from week to week.

But that's just me. Kubo would do well to put more thought into his dialogue. Everything said should serve a purpose, whether it's character development, plot development or humour. I don't always get that from Bleach.
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