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What I enjoyed most of episode 23 were Yuuji's recalling his memories back when naming Shana.

That and Shana's resolution to Alastor to find her answer and not going to destroy Yuuji made me sob.

For the last episode, wishful thinking that Shana is going to cry out to Yuuji that she loves him on a climax scene.

It also puts on perspective to Yuuji that his fault was seeing Shana as a Flame Haze, but actually she came to like him as the person, Sakai Yuuji, that he is.

Unfortunately, most of the fighting for the last episode is going to be quick and rushed. Let see if the animators and writers can at least put some tense atmosphere for Wilhelmina against Bel-Peol, however, the major highlight will be Shana against Hecate, and I'm hoping won't get ruined.

Speculating on the possible outcome for the end, I'm now rooting for a hybrid ending between a happy final and a bittersweet one.
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