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Oh god the backlog -_- 2 pages in 6 hours, and lotsa posts... how do you guys keep up?

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Unlimited.... Paper Works?


I am the ink of my pen
Tired is my body, and high is my blood
I have processed over a thousand reports
Unknown to hunger
Nor known to fatigue
Have withstood pain to stamp many forms
Waiting for break time
Yet, those hands will never hold salary.
So as I sign
Unlimited Paper Works

I'm kinda intrigued on Naomi though, kinda like to see how she and Franz gets along
*chuckles* Good one, good one! Do you mind if I use it as my sig? And it's totally apt for Franz; the reason he's still a 2nd Lieutenant at the age of 32 was that he went to OCS late because the Sergeant Major wanted to hang on to his junior NCO who had this gift for paperwork.

Naomi and Franz got along quite well, actually, though there's a bit of a gulf between them; they love each other, but there's this inability to bond that puzzles Naomi deeply; for all his hot blood, there a distance in how Franz treats Naomi, with the result that the now 15-year-old Naomi is very much confused over how her brother views her... there's going to be a fair amount of tension, and if I ever get around to writing about the OMF proper, the Franz/Naomi relationship subplot will be an important side issue.

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
That seems unlikely most of the mooks we see flying around sure as hell don't seem A rank.
True... though it could also be because any guy in the Nanohaverse gets pwnt very quickly. At least we know whom 7Arcs suport in the battle of the genders...

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
They aren’t even close they’ve never shown speeds like that, the fact helicopters seem to be used to deploy into combat areas acutally seems to indicate they might have a higher sustained speed. I acutally consider anything over about 250 to be attainable only by boost spells. Also the human body would NOT stand up to wind forces incurred at super sonic speeds… at least not as low as mages fly. Pilots ejecting from a supersonic aircraft for instance can break bones due to the wind blast impacting them.

If they were wearing heavy duty full body power armor then maybe but they’re sporting exposed skin and lightweight jackets. There’s no way in hell they’d survive super sonic flight. Any “magical shielding” arguments can also be thrown out as we see wind whipping their hair around so it’s clearly hitting them.
You make a very good point, one which I hadn't considered until I went back and rewatched 5. I guess it's a matter of scale and perception...

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Na you wouldn't "Dogfight" a mage you'd park at 40,000 feet WAY above where they can go without passing and dying and just lob missiles down at them from 30 miles away when you get a chance.
Though that does leave you open to orbital bombardment.... unless you're in a built up urban area where no orbital bombardment can happen for fear of collateral damage. Still, yeah, that is a pretty workable technique.

Well, I guess that with the completion of the Subjugation War backstory, we can head on to making OCs. Sorry about forcing your hand on the Gardai, Kagerou -_-

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
That'll be indeed interesting... I'm guessing he's a GAR type, huh?
Pretty much. As Kagerou mentioned, the top four mages of the OFM fit into 4 main archetypes: Erick is the GAR leader (he may be getting old, but he's got more than enough GAR for a man half his age); Franz is the hot blooded male, Glen is the Straight Man, and Emili is the tsunmoedere.

Sergeant Ivanovich is pretty much Johnson remodeled for the OFM, because of the many Sergeant Majors in fiction, Johnson is one of the most pwn and win. Kick ass and take names, Oo-fucking-rah!

Also, a little piece of speculative fiction on the one time Franz calls Nanoha "Beamspam-chan" maliciously...

Spoiler for Five minutes to lose, Pt.1:

Well, that's part 1. I'll continue more tomorrow, as it's now 1.44 AM here and I am beat.
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