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Here it is! Part 2 of Franz's rebuilt spell & skill set! IKE!

Spoiler for Franz Jaeger, Skillset & Spell List:

Originally Posted by Reiji Tabibito View Post
The killing thing largely depends on the squad in the RAF. Squads like the 31st, which is the fugitive pursuit and capture squad, tend to keep their targets alive; squads like the 1st, which is the heavy assault squad, are probably more like the OFM in that most of them are stone-cold killers.
Stone-cold killers, eh? Well, there's all sorts in the world. The OFM can be divided into 2 groups: Erusian War vets and those born during or after the war. The first group, which counts Erick, Ivanovich and Franz among its members, are where you'd find the guys who're most accustomed to killing; they fought in a civil war (Franz was on opposite sides of Erick and Ivanovich in the beginning, though thankfully they never met on the battlefield) and through terrorist attacks, so they know that combat is kill or be killed. The second group are those who do kill, understand that it's nescessary, but don't really look to killing as a solution to most problems...

Franz: "Hey! I am not stone cold!"
But you did shoot Naomi's parents in cold blood. And you can't kill someone unless you're using your coldblooded persona.

And even within squads, there's an individual difference. Take Sevasti and Arcas. Sevasti would have no qualms about killing a target unless it was specifically addressed in the mission objectives. Arcas is just the opposite - he generally doesn't kill unless the objectives require it.
There is that. Ivanovich for example believes in sniping - mind you he was a sniper - they didn't call him the "Mage Hunter of North Point" for nothing. Franz would rather capture targets, Chief will kill because that's what the mission calls for, Erick sees it as eliminating cancer, Mikhail wants targets alive for interrogation, and Glen reminds everyone to STFU because their orders are almost all the time assasination jobs.

And yes, Arcas wouldn't really fit in the OFM...the LEAST of his reasons being that he considered guns and rifles "inelegant weaponry."
Ivanovich: "A weapon isn't supposed to be elegant. It's supposed to kill as efficiently as possible."
Franz: "For some reason, Arcas has always struck me as a bit of a fussy whiner."
EricK: "Meh, he's happy where he is. Besides, we only recruit Erusians. Mostly."

The RAF needs no buffing up - it's plenty good as it is. I was just using the Doctor to make the point that both RAF and OFM have seen and fought things the other would never think of.

And RAFers in general don't crack easily - part of the application process for the RAF is extensive psychological testing, due to the nature of the Force and their job.
My point, though, was that you originally portrayed the RAF as being diplomats/US Marshalls and now you seem to be taking it in a Doctor Who-ish direction with no notice, as opposed to the OFM who from the start were blackops and only now have been shoehorned into this role of anti-Spawn, and are for all intents and purposes doing normal stuff, just on abnormal foes. Then again, that's what the ODSTs got stuck doing: fighting Flood and Covenant.

Though the OFM has a lower opinion of human intrinsic goodness, since it's been cleaning the Bureau's messes for years.
And what is Omega? want your OCs in Alpha and you don't even know that Omega's the big bad? Reiji, what the hell are you doing?

Read this. This is Omega. And he isn't even fully powered yet.
Episode Two: Heavent Sent, Part 1 & 2

Kinda sorta. RAFers have mixed opinions about the Bureau, mostly divided by the branch of the Bureau in question.

Ground Forces: The RAF sees the GF as heroic footsoldiers commanded by a bunch of Peter-Principle grade morons. Most RAFers do not enjoy the prospect of working with anyone in the GF with a rank higher than Commander - mainly because in their experience, such officers are pompous assholes a la Regius.

Navy: The Navy is on okay terms with the RAF. RAFers do appreciate the heavy firepower the Navy's ships can give them, but that's about it.

Air Force: The RAF has a really good relationship with the Air Force - nearly two-thirds of all transfer personnel come either directly from the Air Force, or have had a previous Air Force assignment.
Hmmm. Franz's view on the Branches. Mind you he DOES have a rather strong dislike of mainstream TSAB forces:

Ground Forces: The only good GF are dead and buried on Erusia, most of them are crap, with crap tactics, crappy skills, and corruption in the ranks. And they suck ass.

(Also note that GF does not use Commander - equivalent rank is Lt. Colonel. Jesus, Reiji, if you're gonna use ranks, get them right.)

Enforcers: Surprisingly skilled; the OFM and Enforcers get along quite well.

Navy: Since Ivanovich is a Marine and the OFM are basically semi-Marines in his image, they tend to look favorably to the Navy, with some good-natured ribbing (in fact, OFM mages wear the uniforms of mages assigned to the Navy). This may be due to pragmatic reasons: you can't kick ass if the Navy, who owns the ships, isn't going to let you hitch a ride. The OFM has no opinions on firepower as the Aus'ruf lacks weaponry, relying on speed and stealth. Erick was delighted to have the White Tempest joining him.

Air Force: So-so, decent recruiting ground for Air Wing girls.
I was NOT thinking napalm.
You're deliberately limiting your options, boyo. Napalm is fairly easy to jury-rig (in worst case you can just go for normal gasoline) and does well as an area defense. This is, perhaps, the greatest difference between the OFM and units like the RAF: the OFM is able of getting by without magic and is capable of rapidly adapting to new threats and situations.

Before you complain, Navy SEALs do the same thing.

I think the TSAB has a slightly larger budget than the US Navy.
The system still works, unless you wanna say that you can repair, overhaul and upgrade a ship as it's underway.

Comparing apples to oranges here; trying to compare Star Trek to SG-1 would be like trying to compare Arnold Schwarzenegger to Bruce Willis.
[Teal'c]Indeed.[/Teal'c] But Hammond is just AWESOME.

It is not! They are uncle and niece! UNCLE AND NIECE!! NOTHING MORE!!!
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