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Originally Posted by SRanger View Post
I just started playing the game after watching the anime - it's great so far. I'm new to the whole VN scene, but if missed a certain flag, do I completely miss the entire route/special ending? Also, is there an easy to way replay sections to see endings, or do I really have to start all the way from the beginning?

Eh, this might of belonged in the game thread instead..sorry.

If you miss the flags you'll have to go back, but the only ones with flags you can't miss is Kurisu's end and the true end so as long as you can work out the one flag you need for each of the other girls, you'll be able to see them all.

I missed some of Kurisu's flags but I've gone back through it now as hers is the last ending that I need to see, it takes a while but you can use the skip feature and it'll keep on trucking through the text until you hit an important text or phonecall/d-mail moment. To put it into perspective, it took me 51 hours to go through the game to get Mayuri's end (first one I got) and It's taken me 3 hours of skipping through/reading the new dialogue to get to chapter 9 or Kurisu's route.
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