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Alright, i love this anime, its the best anime i have seen in my life, but can someone please answer my question (probably missed something):

Sending a D-mail means affecting the actions of the person who receives the email so that the past will change (in favor) and therefore the present will change. For eg. Rukako turned himself into a girl by telling his mum to eat veggies, Okarin telling himself to follow Suzuha instead of letting her go. Alright, then why does sending a d-mail to Daru about Kurisu getting stabbed causes a time machine to crash into the radio building???? Did Daru get Suzuha into some terrorist getup?

Also, at the start of the anime (rewatching it), i realised that Okarin was the one who screamed and therefore it meant he was the one who actually stabbed Kurisu. Does this mean that there was some sort of infinite loop during these events?

And one more thing, when Okarin managed to fake a Dead Kurisu and asked for Suzuha to wait to see his 'past' self's reaction, he told his past self (without his past self knowing) it was going to be the harshest 3 weeks of his life (the 3 weeks in the Alpha line). But wouldn't the past self sending a D-mail to the past Daru have no meaning? Since Makise is not 'dead' there would be no effect which means there is no change in worldlines, which therefore the past Okarin wouldnt have to go through those 3 weeks?
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