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it because Suzuha stop by 2010 to visit her father (daru) who already died for a long time in the alpha line when she time travel, she then screw up and crash into the radio building. while in the beta line, Suzuha go straight back to 1975, she never stopped by 2010 to visit her father because daru still alive when she time travel in the beta line so the crash didn't happen.

and the reason why daru already died for a long time in the alpha line when Suzuha time travel is because it bound to happen in the alpha line. just like how mayushii will die in the alpha line no matter what.
AHHHHH ok thanks, you just answered my question DDDDD alot more clear now, so bascally, she time traveled back because her father was always going to die in a certain year (in the alpha line) so therefore she was going to crash because the time machine was pretty much incomplete if i remember. I still have doubts about the D-mail but no worries. thanks alot
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