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I call major bs on Maki looseing as soon as kogami eye contact shifted I figured Maki would notice Akane and idk as piccolo from dbz abriged would say DDDDDOOOODDDDDDDDDDDGGGEEE. No really bs if he had time to slightly turn around when kogami shifted his field of vision he had time to dodge. And how is maki such a good fighter anyways one episode when they had him kill the 3 thugs it was just nope I am smart and can kill you all with my bare hands even tho I never shown to be skilled or train in any form of physical combat. Kogami constantly trains himself etc maki has never been shown to do anything. Fight scene could have been better Kogami really used something as useless as a attempted double chop to the neck really really ? I mean one could say kogami lost cause sybil probably banned most martial arts and studies of them etc but then kogami just took out 3 people who seemed to be skilled at fighting. Same for the unarmed Kagari being able to kill 3 people and the first person unarmed I just call shenanigans. Also Maki was shown to be stronger than Kogami when he almost broke his arm from a judo throw shame on Kogami for not knowing how to defend that use your hips noob and then if you are dumb enough to get caught in a judo throw break fall and go with the flow. But really it heard to get caught in a judo throw only time I got hit with one was in mma practice by my coach who is a black belt in it and it was only because i engaged the grappling and moved him into the fence with double under hook and he reversed my throw into a judo throw when I tried to take him down I quickly broke fall and then wall walked the cage to get the reversal into his guard. I did not try to psychically force my arm free like a jack ass and almost get my arm broken for being stupid.

Anyways aside from my rant on how crappy of a fighter kogami is I mean maki had several openings to finish him and I mean killed with his bare hands finish, and Like he said but in his own way ragged dolled kogami and was unsatisfied.

Anyways because of shenanigans ep gets a nine now either sybil will become the next big bad and the series continues, Or we find the out the grim truth about sybil it continues to rule and like most dystopian series we get the man that is one fd up world ending. Either will be good =).

Screw it ten cause the soccer kick was epic yay soccer kicks XD
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