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Originally Posted by Cherry_Lover View Post
How exactly they'll go about it isn't clear, though, since the routes that involve them are very different from each other.
Like I said ( and I was right back then ) - they will write new story-line and put the most important events in it ( School fight then Saber killing Rider following church battle then following Eiserbern castle then following dark Sakura etc.... )

All in all, the story will not be the story from Visual Novel at all, they will put most important events and the will invent a ton of new things in between to connect all of them. It is possible to combine routes, the only question is how you will write the story between, or in - what new stuff will you write to compensate for difference between routes.

Like I said earlier - not everyone will be happy at how they do it, but this way they will please majority of fans ( not everyone like all routes so doing all 3 at once is good way to go to please everyone ) and do the most important thing - bring out the most profit.
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