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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
So... Sibyl decides to just spill the beans to Mika for no apparent reason? They say they did it because she found out too much, but she really didn't know anything. Just felt like a forced plot point there. Even when they first started explaining she didn't know what they were talking about and just wanted to get out because of Sibyl's tone.
I don't think either of those are true; 'criminally asymptotic' isn't something that's difficult to understand, i'm sure that mika understood the implications: that there are people who can't be judged by sybil and that sybil actively monitors and tries to group them. Not to mention that Kasei directly threatened her. As for revealing everything to her, wasn't she a model case for when they would eventually reveal sybil to the public? After all, in S1 they did say that they planned to; There are only two options, she's not going to squeal, (i.e. sybil is right, she's an ideal citizen), or she's going to the loony bin. Either of which only benefits sybil because they get a better understanding of how people will respond. I won't deny that it was over the top though
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