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The future will be full of artificially intelligent bots:

"Back in October 2014, Taylor Swift opened an account on Line, the
messaging app that is massively popular in Asia. The account currently
doesn't do much. If you communicate with it, you can hear a funny
voice message from Swift, for instance.

But that is not the point.

The Taylor Swift Line account is interesting because:

a) she opened it to address the Asian market and

b) it is a very early case of a primitive chat bot being used as a
marketing vehicle for music.

Paul McCartney has one, too. Burberry and Selfridges also have
accounts on WeChat and Line.

Right now, Swift's Line thing is little more than an account, as opposed
to a fully realised AI presence. But soon there will be an avalanche of
artificially intelligent chatbots filling up your messaging apps, like
Messenger and Whatsapp, according to the folks at BetterBrand, a bot
marketing startup based in London."

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