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Originally Posted by Wandering Soul View Post
So any bets on what's going to bail them out of this situation, if they get bailed out of it?

Yuri has some pretty weird properties, never questioned the blood on her as a child, but does question the marriage. I know the guy loses his senses around his sister. but still.
We are talking about the guy who remembers her crushing his ribs lovingly. Dude is a total sicko siscon. His sister is perfect and thus cannot be a criminal. Logic at its finest.^^

Originally Posted by Fufufu View Post
Best excuse "I forgot".
Even better "I forgot that I have forgotten to tell you". XD

Enjoyed this chapter a lot, it showed what world class Twilight is to immediately realize that Yuri is counterintelligence with the holes in his coverstory. Same with Yor having the best excuse to convince Yuri why she never told him she was married for a year and it even worked while Twilight broke two plates. Or with Yuri demanding a kiss after witnessing their teenage behavior from a single hand touch and Twilight going in a second from panic to logic leaving only poor Yor in a wild panic as he leans in for the kiss, her first kiss in 27 years! XD
No idea how they get out of it, I expect Anya to walk in or Yuri to fall asleep due not holding his alcohol very well or stuff like that. I doubt their first kiss happens now though I'd love if they had to kiss or be more intimate over the coming chapters over and over again, each time getting closer to becoming a real (weird) family.^^
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