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Oh, if only Twilight knew just how much there was wrong with the Briar family. Considering what Yor looked like when she came home (complete with bloody handprint on her clothes), I guess her brother is used to messy work.

I'm glad Twilight noticed that Yuri was probably a spy (and neat way of checking) but he was in a rush and couldn't afford the time to find someone other than Yor. If I had to bet on something, I expect Yuri to fall unconscious any moment from drinking too much but anything could still happen. I hope Ania stays asleep, she's already traumatized enough from overhearing her "parents" thoughts.

Its too bad they took down the middle chapters from the app. I wonder if they'll ever bump this up to the main SJ+ app. Anyway, this was another fun chapter, especially with the running gags. Although I don't think the Briar family has any reason most of the time anyway.
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