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Which of these future technologies (on this list) should I pick?

Im trying to pick a technology for my Star Wars story. So basically pick something that could fit well into Star Wars. It can be multiple things, and I have provided some info on ones you might be unfamiliar with. Basically pick something that could fit into Star Wars and is advanced enough that you wouldn't already assume they don't have it yet. Also, if you know they have it already, you can skip it. Try to pick stuff that is more on the advanced side. Sorry. I don't know what happened with the font.

1.) OCD cure- Cure for obsessive compulsive disorder

2.) SQUID-like device -

Scroll down for SQUID

3.)Stellaser-direct a somewhat steady beam to a planet too far from the sun to receive enough ordinary light because of the inverse square law. An artificial stellar laser

4.) Increase brain storage- Make more room for stuff in the brain

5.) Mind scanner- Basically something that can scan a beings mind and dissect information in it

6.) Organic computer

7.) Durafoam spray- Basically you spray this aerosol and it creates a hard foam surface.

8.) Carniculture- Growing meat like a plant

9.) Gyrification- Using neural stem cell cultures injected into brain causing further gyrification, which are brain folds, making a being smarter

10.) Programmable matter-

11.) Brain taping- Recording all the memories or info from a persons brain (presumably after they die)

12.) Genome surgery-

13.) Prototrophic beings- Genetically engineer a being to produce its own food energy

14.) Hyperspectral goggles-

15.) Synthetic being composed of billions or trillions of nanites

16.) Dark matter cannon- Blaster that uses dark matter as a weapon

17.) Brain hacking- Hack into someone's brain. Not sure how it would be done.

18.) Lightcraft-

19.) Solar thermal propulsion (solar boiler drive)-

20.) Super AI- AI far smarter than regular AI. Could be potentially very dangerous

21.) Nucleon chemistry- Chemistry at quark level

22.) Core tap- Geothermal power to the extreme. Taping into the energy of a planet's core

23.) Spindizzy-

24.) Mass formula-

25.) Human-droid hybrid

26.) Gamma ray bomb- Powerful explosive harnessing power of gamma rays

27.) Female sperm-A hypothetical sperm which artificially contains genetic material from a female

28.) Quantum gate- Portal to another universe

29.) Sunline-Class 2 sunlines, known as stellar sunlines, orbit various kinds of star, and collect emitted light from the star's surface and concentrate it into focused beams which can illuminate distant planets in the outer planetary system. This allows even cold outer system objects to be terraformed. The stellar sunline generally orbits in the plane of the equator, and sends collimated beams of light towards the various illuminated objects.

30.) Orbital airship- An airship that can orbit a planet

31.) Protein coated disc-

32.) Guided reciprocating deflector shield- Deflector shield that bounces laser blasts back to the source. Could change everything about Star Wars

33.) Atmospheric energy harvesting- Harvesting energy from the atmosphere

34.) Solar fuel-

35.) Engineered stem cells- Stem cells that are engineered to perform great medicinal things

36.) Dynamic armor-

37.) Personalized advertising- Digital Advertisement boards that read your mind and advertise things you would like. May not be a good idea

38.) Artificial "super" mitochondria- Could increase lifespan. But note. May not work on all species.

39.) Swarmbots-

40.) Tissue engineering-

41.) XNA therapy- Artificial DNA therapy

42.) Health monitoring implant- Implant that monitors your health

43.) Neural music composition- Creating music by thinking it

44.) Intention decoding algorithm- Something a droid might have in its sensors or a being with a HUD that can determine what someone will do. Useful for physical confrontations.

45.) Artificial humor- Something to make droids comedians or funny

46.) Laser broom-

47.) Ablative laser propulsion-Ablative laser propulsion (ALP) is a form of beam-powered propulsion in which an external pulsed laser is used to burn off a plasmaplume from a solid metal propellant, thus producing thrust. The measured specific impulse of small ALP setups is very high at about 5000 s (49 kNs/kg), and unlike the lightcraft developed by Leik Myrabo which uses air as the propellant, ALP can be used in space.

48.) Infomorph-

49.) Thought projection- An ability to create something just by imagining it in your minds eye.

50.) Diamond tree-

51.) Mechanosynthesis-

52.) Memory RNA pill- "skill pills" containing memory RNA that provided the consumer with new skills

53.) Universal memory-

54.) Wearable generator-

55.) Necrofauna-

56.) Cosmetic biogenetics- Basically modifying the body aesthetically but with genetics

57.) Atmosphere bubble tent- Something you can use to survive on airless or toxic world

58.) Giant gravity battery-

59.) Desert Aquanet-

60.) Tengresity sphere-

61.) Programmable bacteria- Bacteria you can program

62.) Ambient energy harvesting-A possible source of energy comes from ubiquitous radio transmitters. Historically, either a large collection area or close proximity to the radiating wireless energy source is needed to get useful power levels from this source. The nantenna is one proposed development which would overcome this limitation by making use of the abundant natural radiation (such as solar radiation).

63.) Planetary spectroscopy- Spectroscopy but on a planetary level

64.) 4D material- A 4-dimensional material

65.) Diamond battery-

66.) Nanocomputer-

67.) Fat-destroying pill- Weight loss in a pill

68.) Optical computer- May already exist.

69.) Xaser weapon- X-ray laser weapon

70.) Personal metabolic profile- A custom profile of a being's health

71.) Methane hydrate power-

72.) Memcomputer-

73.) Subzero wetsuit- Wetsuit that allows you to dive in arctic water conditions

74.) Photosynthetic computer- Computer that works based on photosynthesis

75.) Cortical modem-

76.) Contraceptive vaccine- Alternative to birth control pill. Wears off eventually

77.) Magnetic monopole rocket- Propulsion based on energy from magnetic monopoles

78.) DNA vaccine-

79.) Graser cannon- Weaponized gamma ray laser. More powerful than a laser.

80.) Artificial magnetosphere-

81.) Gravity satellite- Something to control gravity on a planetary scale

82.) Data science to predict crimes- Predict crimes by studying data

83.) Molectronics-

84.) Quantum cognition studies-

85.) Dark DNA applications-

86.) Brain implant for musical ability- Brain implant that allows you to have musical talent

87.) A.I. Mathematical Formula Developer and Solver- AI program that creates new math

88.) Frost immunity- Genetically engineer beings to be resistant to cold

89.) Molecular editing- Editing on a molecular level

90.) Self-repairing alloy- Metal that repairs itself. Do we already have this?

91.) Vertical zoo-

92.) Nanomorph-robot entirely made of nanomachines

93.) Thought recognition- Computer that activates with the owner's thought

94.) Diamondoid-

95.) Plantimal- Hybrid of an animal and a plant

96.) Artificial black hole- Create a black hole

97.) Brain graft- Basically putting foreign brain matter on a brain

98.) Nanofactory- Nanomachines that can create stuff

99.) Panic generator- Device that can make soldiers have induced panic and disoreintation

100.) Zoogeneering- Custom made animals made in a lab

101.) Programmable metabolism- Basically control someone's metabolism

102.) Hypersonic vactrain-

103.) Metaceutical- Medicine created from completely fabricated molecules

104.) Argon matrix laser- Laser weapon that only damages inorganic material

105.) Quantum telescope-

106.) Ultracold atom applications-

107.) Mindclone- Cloning just a beings consciousness

108.) Trans-galactic telescope- See things in other galaxies

109.) Hypersleep- Safe suspended animation

110.) Brainworld- A giant supercomputer space station

111.) Thymic rejuvenation-

112.) AI that programs AI

113.) Solution to P=NP-

114.) Metallic hydrogen rockets-

115.) Biohacking- Basically genetic engineering

116.) Solution to Black Hole Information Paradox-

117.) Clean fish- Fish grown in a lab

118.) Geomagentic storm warning satellite- Satellites that warn beings of a coming geomagnetic storm

119.) Upload fake memories into a being's brain- Give someone a new life

120.) Stealth hyperdrive- A hyperdrive whose jumps cant be traced.

121.) Quantum ramjet-

122.) Split a tachyon- Like splitting an atom only this is a FTL particle

123.) Orbital collider- Particle collider in space

124.) Sunshade- Something to block a star to help with global warming

125.) Beam powered scramjet- A scramjet powered from energy beamed up to it.

126.) Shkadov thruster-

127.) Spinning black hole- Enter one to time travel. Confirmed to time travel

128.) Space ferry- Ferry to take you into space; then to an orbiting space station

129.) Tectonic weapon-

130.) Thought camera- Camera that can take pictures of individual thoughts

131.) Hyperbrain computer- A computer that resides in hyperspace.

132.) Genetically engineered nitrogen fixing plants.

133.) Brain transplant- Transplanting a sentients brain to a new body.

134.) Smart software- Can run entire businesses without any sentient beings involved.

135.) Ray cats- Tookas that can change color when in the presence of nuclear waste to warn sentients.
137. Treatment for Cybernetic Septicemia- When a Cybernetic limb breaks, it can release toxins into the bloodstream.

138. Space elevator connecting two planets- Could be expensive and not
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