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I’ve revised my list. Which would a challenge for a Star Wars scientist to create?

1.) SQUID-like device -

Scroll down for SQUID

2.) Mind scanner- Basically something that can scan a beings mind and dissect information in it.

3.) Programmable matter-

4.) Prototrophic beings- Genetically engineer a being to produce its own food energy

5.) Nucleon chemistry- Chemistry at quark level

6.)Mass formula-

7.) Personalized advertising- Digital Advertisement boards that read your mind and advertise things you would like. May not be a good idea

8.) XNA therapy- Artificial DNA therapy

9.) Intention decoding algorithm- Something a droid might have in its sensors or a being with a HUD that can determine what someone will do. Useful for physical confrontations.

10.)Ablative laser propulsion-Ablative laser propulsion (ALP) is a form of beam-powered propulsion in which an external pulsed laser is used to burn off a plasmaplume from a solid metal propellant, thus producing thrust. The measured specific impulse of small ALP setups is very high at about 5000 s (49 kNĚs/kg), and unlike the lightcraft developed by Leik Myrabo which uses air as the propellant, ALP can be used in space.

11.) Mechanosynthesis-

12.) Memory RNA pill- "skill pills" containing memory RNA that provided the consumer with new skills

13.) Atmosphere bubble tent- Something you can use to survive on airless or toxic world

14.) 4D material- A 4-dimensional material

15.)Diamond battery-

16.)Cortical modem-

17.) Graser cannon- Weaponized gamma ray laser. More powerful than a laser.

18.)Data science to predict crimes- Predict crimes by studying data

19.) Brain implant for musical ability- Brain implant that allows you to have musical talent

20.)Self-repairing alloy- Metal that repairs itself. Do we already have this?

21.) Nanomorph-robot entirely made of nanomachines

22.)Metaceutical- Medicine created from completely fabricated molecules

23.) Argon matrix laser- Laser weapon that only damages inorganic material

24.) Trans-galactic telescope- See things in other galaxies

25.) Solution to Black Hole Information Paradox-

26.)Upload fake memories into a being's brain- Give someone a new life

27.)Spinning black hole- Enter one to time travel. Confirmed to time travel

28.) Thought camera- Camera that can take pictures of individual thoughts

29.) Hyperbrain computer- A computer that resides in hyperspace.

30.) Thought recognition- Computer that activates with the owner's thought

31.) Magnetic monopole rocket- Propulsion based on energy from magnetic monopoles

32.) Artificial magnetosphere-

33.) Xaser weapon- X-ray laser weapon

34.) Molectronics-
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